Route 101 is the best way to start catching some basic types

Route 101 is the first route available, though you can go to any of the routes available at that time.

Pokemon Available Edit

  • Spinarak Lv. 5-9
  • Volbeat Lv. 5-11
  • Ledyba Lv. 7-10
  • Patrat Lv. 15-20
  • Yanma Lv. 5-8
  • Weedle Lv. 5-8
  • Diggersby Lv. 12-15
  • Burmy Lv. 4-6
  • Electrike Lv. 11-14
  • Wurmple Lv. 7-10
  • Foongus Lv. 12-15
  • Caterpie Lv. 4-9

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