Sprite of a normal bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur is a Grass/Poison type starter pokemon. It has a Cute appearance, although not many trainers choose it as their starter.


Bulbasaur's max stats are at level 100, and there are no Natures and EVs so there is no factor which changes those stats.


Base Hp:45

Base Attack:49

Base Defense:49

Base Sp.Attack:65

Base Sp. Defense:65

Base Speed:45


Max HP:294

Max Attacks:197

Max Defense:197

Max Sp.Attack:229

Max Sp.Defence:229

Max Speed:

Possible MovesEdit

Bulbasaur's first four moves are: Tackle, Leech Seed, Growl and vinewhip. With the exception of Leech Seed, which is useless in UnovaRpg, these are good attacks to start with. They're powerful enough to take on and defeat low level pokemon, which will help Bulbasaur level up and learn even more useful moves like Poison Powder and Razor Leaf. By level 37 it will have learned moves like Double-edge and Seed Bomb, which are very good moves to have. They will deal a lot of damage. In UnovaRpg your best bet is to have powerful moves.

Bulbasaur can also learn Solar Beam, and Energy Ball from TMs which you can purchase in the pokeshop. Always check the UnovaRpg pokedex to see other TMs that can be used on your bulbasaur.


Ivysaur (level 16)

Venusaur (level 32)


How did you get your bulbasaur?

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